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MOMi’s education programs and workshops are delivered by a team of independent, professional instructors. They have extensive experience in manufacturing operations management and education.
MOMi’s instructors are also excellent business consultants, able to support the full change cycle from awareness and feasibility to continuous improvement initiatives in a dynamic operations environment.

MESA Approved Instructors (MAI)

MESA International has assembled a team of world renowned Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the industry to create the content and instruct the various courses that make up the Global Education Program.

Important Note: MESA GEP Instructors are required to disclosure of all proprietary interest discussed during training events or programs. MESA GEP goes to all efforts during the content development process to reference all sources and to eliminate commercialism. Instructors are contracted by MESA. So, there is no source of any third-party compensation related to the presentation.


Dennis BrandlBR&L Consulting
Michel Devos M.E.S. Consult
Gerhard GreeffATS Global
Dr. Michael HoppeATS Global B.V.
Gerard IpskampMOM Institute
John Jackiw Dassault Systèmes
Mike JamesATS Global B.V.
Yalın SevgörATS Turkey
Jan SnoeijMOM Institute