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Business Consultancy

Control the Business Change Cycle

MOMi delivers the expertise, best practices and solutions to support the complete business change cycle:
  • initial exploration of the improvement potential
  • create the sound benefits case supporting the investment decision
  • design the blueprint for the future including processes, organization & governance, people skillsets and the enabling technologies
  • deployment of the solutions
in order to obtain sustainable improvements.

MOMi delivers a comprehensive set of services


  • Build your vision and discover your improvement potential, based on current best practices, actual waste streams and variance losses and possible application of new smart technologies;
  • MOMi’s team applies methodology based on global standards like APQC, SCOR, ISA 95 and various best practices;
  • Create awareness by focusing at relevant standards, like ISA 95, ISA 88, ISA 62443 (ISA 99), ...;
  • Learn about potential benefits of emerging technologies as Industry 4.0 / Smart Manufacturing.


  • Identify your future way of working supporting your improved business models in order to achieve your strategic objectives;
  • Determine a high level benefits case and assess the feasibility of investing in manufacturing operations management systems.
  • Create a high level architecture, including processes, organization & governance, the people skill sets and the enabling technology (Manufacturing IT);
  • Compose a draft roadmap for gradual realization, based on priorities and added value to ensure consistency with your business objectives.


  • Design your future business processes and the transition to them; MOMi’s methodology ensures consistency in process mapping;
  • Define a complete set of functional and non-functional requirements, based on global standards;
  • Create the solution architecture and detail the solution roadmap to achieve the identified goals and to minimize risk;
  • Finalize the business case in the required level of detail.


  • Select the ‘best’ tools (MOM solutions) to support your current and future ways of working enabling the required collaboration of all your resources and solutions;
  • The selection process is based on the best practice methodology published in a MESA International White Paper with which MOMi’s consultants have long lasting experience with many manufacturers in various industrial sectors;
  • Update the user and functional requirements and create the business case.

Execute and Support

  • Successfully implement the selected solutions for the intended scope of the actual step. Change the ways of working according to the design and ensure adoption by your staff;
  • The expert MES/MOM teams of ATS Global help to deploy the solutions in all aspects and assure sustainable gains by adequate maintenance support;
    • Global coverage, regional support;
    • Assured business and IT alignment, also during template realization;
    • Access to 30 years of experience in these domains, including validation.


  • After each step of the roadmap, the MOMi business consultants team helps to evaluate:
    • Check, if the expected benefits are achieved indeed and that they are secured by adequate controls;
    • Evaluate the validity of the strategic objectives, given the dynamics of the demand (market) and own enterprise goals;
    • Determine if the planned next steps of the roadmap are still in line with those objectives and goals; if required, update the steps accordingly;
    • Prepare for the execution of the next cycle of continuous improvement.


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